SieMatic URBAN

Design Without Dictates


What makes SieMatic style collection URBAN so versatile and unique?

It is the unconventional, intuitive juxtaposition of carefully selected objects and thematic contrasts: exciting and peaceful, strange and familiar, modest and ostentatious, flea market find and design classic. It is the individual aesthetics that tell a story of the experience, values and contrasts of a unique personality. It is “solitaire” planning in which each object has a relationship with its neighbour.


To those who love urban life, it’s not loud but full of life; not anonymous but social; not hectic but exciting, versatile, inspiring, and colorful. Whether London or Lisbon, Berlin or Barcelona, New York or Nuremberg: Our cities are full of contrasts that the young and young-at-heart around the world find so fascinating, appealing, and productive. Everything is in motion, not just the traffic. Street art, pop-up shops, urban gardening – it is the spontaneous creativity of its inhabitants that is constantly changing the face of an urban center and turning it into a “user-generated city.” From a loft with the sparse charm of a former factory to an apartment in a cozy older building, and from a small townhome to a spacious penthouse with a view of the rooftops and streets: The city is a place of possibilities, in which everyone can find their niche.


With SieMatic 29, we have reinterpreted a traditional furniture piece: the kitchen sideboard. Especially in city environments, there is growing popularity for the historical and desire for individual forms of expression. With the SieMatic 29 we offer a fresh and contemporary interpretation of the traditional sideboard as well as high functionality and flexibility.

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