SieMatic SC10 – Floating Spaces

We are very excited to inform you that with the introduction of the new interior system developed by SieMatic, we have upgraded our display to showcase just that.

Written By Kalun Law Monday, May, 12

Our new SieMatic SC10 with Floating Spaces Concept combines our two favourite colours, ‘Griege’ and ‘Titan Walnut’.

The new drawer system, designated by the code SK14, comes in two types of finishes, steel as standard, or alternatively those wanting a more exclusive feel, an anodised aluminium edition. 

The end value remains the same in either finishes. The clean lines of the drawer boxes now match in harmony with the sleek modern doors, or combine with our ‘Light Oak’ interior fitments to give a softer, warmer feel when matching them with the traditional kitchens.

Reinvented excellence

It is a major overhaul to the design, considering how successful the previous drawer boxes were. However, the changes have welcomed a whole new ideology of interior storage. Now, more flexible than ever before, the new modular compartments – available in ‘Smoked Chestnut’ and ‘Light Oak’ – mean that we can completely customise the internal spaces to suit your needs and taste.

The latest offering with Miele appliances is now stronger than ever before. For example, the ‘Pureline’ ovens offer a multitude of choices, with added features such as ‘Moisture Plus’. When ‘Moisture Plus’ is activated, the oven in allowed to inject a certain level of moisture into the oven cavity.

This allows for perfect humidity when cooking bread, and creating your most tender meat with a nicely browned crust and so much more.

New Stratford showroom detail

To find out more and be the first to see our new display at Stratford Upon Avon contact us now. 

Kalun is a successful and hugely passionate designer with many years of experience within the kitchen & interior design industry.