Gaggenau celebrates “333 years in the making”.

Written By Charlie Clayton Monday, January, 25
From the forge in the Black Forest to German engineering perfection for the private Kitchen.

Gaggenau celebrates “333 years in the making”.

Gaggenau is marking it’s 333rd anniversary in 2016 across the globe, honouring the brand’s rich heritage and natural evolution since its founding in 1683.

In 1683, an ironworks was founded in the town of Gaggenau in the depths of the Black Forest. As demand increased so did its products and at the turn of the 19th century Gaggenau graduated from agriculture machinery to the creation of the Badenia bicycles and enamel signage. The enamelling skills learned in this period gave Gaggenau the edge and the enamel oven was created. In 1931, the company was acquired by the von Blanquet family; and in 1956 son Georg, inspired by a passion for cooking, realised the concept of a custom-designed fitted Kitchen with technically perfected, user-friendly appliances. From here, a new era for Gaggenau was born.

The Vision established Gaggenau as the World’s first and leading brand of built-in appliances of a functional aesthetic character, putting them at the forefront of the fitted kitchen evolution. The design of these appliances embodied a sense of timeless beauty and elegance and a commitment to both high precision craftsmanship and pioneering innovation. This design ethos remains today helping to construct Gaggenau’s distinctive identity and attitude. It will act as an inspiration for the brand’s 333 years in the making celebrations, that will be both a voyage into Gaggenau’s past and a glimpse into it’s future.

Sven Schnee, Head of Global Brand Gaggenau says, “It is extraordinary to think that Gaggenau has been 333 years in the making, but that our brand values have remained unchanged since 1683. The ongoing quest for authenticity and uncompromising quality has shaped the Gaggenau identity so heavily; our heritage is an essential part of our DNA today. That’s why we are using this anniversary to simultaneously celebrate the past, present and the future and we are excited to be able to launch a new future icon that symbolises this; a piece of modern, innovative design that showcases traditional and timeless craftmanship.”

The maxim “333 years in the making” will be cascaded across markets around the world adding a local flavour to their celebrations.

Gaggenaus future began 333 years ago. 2016 will be a defining moment of its journey.

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