SieMatic Forum 2016- PURE . URBAN . CLASSIC

Written By Charlie Clayton Tuesday, October, 25

The SieMatic style collections: Lifestyle rather than kitchen

Each year Kitchen Gallery attend the SieMatic Housefair, this year the team flew to Lohne Germany to preview the latest designs by SieMatic. An exciting trip enjoyed by the team who return inspired and armed with the latest news & designs ready to share with the rest of the Kitchen Gallery team…

Each of the SieMatic style collections is a stage for its own contemporary life philosophy, which is expressed not only in the design of the furniture or the choice of colors and materials, but also in holistic room planning concepts that reflect the personality and individual lifestyle of a space‘s owners.

PURE: The aesthetics of restraint

Peace, harmony, and reducing design to the essentials are the hallmarks of the PURE style collection and emphasize craftsmanship and high-quality materials. With delicate door frames, metallic accents, sophisticated wood, and nuanced lacquer hues, SieMatic has developed a new design language for the minimalist design of the kitchen. Whether with or without handles, the focus is on newly developed front panels with narrow 6.5 mm frames in metal, wood, or matt lacquer. Their fine lines are underscored by side panels in matt lacquer, veneer, ceramic, or stainless steel and also by the delicate look of countertops in ceramic, composite stone, or stainless steel, which elegantly round out the new, pure look.

URBAN: Design without dictates; planning without limits

The intuitive juxtaposition of carefully selected, seemingly contrasting objects tells the story of a mobile, social generation: “Do it yourself – do it together”. Flexible, “solitaire” freestanding design plays a role that is just as characteristic as the mixture of open and closed shelving in the SieMatic style collection URBAN. Accessories like the herb garden lend “green” accents and bring nature into city apartment style. A signature piece of the urban style collection is the SieMatic 29: the re-interpretation of the classical sideboard, which has already won many international design awards for its both functional and aesthetic qualities.

CLASSIC: The art of combining tradition and modernity

The SieMatic interior design concepts for the CLASSIC style collection offer options that go far beyond those of traditional kitchen planning. They make it possible to play with styles and thus combine classicism’s characteristic love of detail with the clarity of the modern world. The creative mix of materials, influenced decisively by the American designer Mick De Giulio, uses glass, stainless steel, and even wood to create brilliant accents for highly individual compositions of the classic kitchen.

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