Unveiled – The SieMatic SE 3003 R and S2 R

Written By Kalun Law Friday, September, 19

SieMatic unveiled to the world, its SE 3003 R and S2 R Kitchen range.

The design features delicately thin framed front panels in metallic materials, finest quality wood and subtle colorways. Available in the all the shades of the SieMatic ColourSystem, in 1,950 colours and in the new metallic shades of gold, bronze nickel or black matt.

“Design, down to the last detail, has traditionally been a key success factor of our corporate strategy, and we continuously rethink each and every detail of kitchen design, from outside to inside. Hence the new solutions that we devise on an ongoing basis pave the way for new functions and new inspiration for distinctive kitchen designs,” notes SieMatic CEO Ulrich W. Siekmann.

Our designers love the new SieMatic SE 3003 R and S2 R and are looking forward to introducing this new system soon to your kitchen design.

Kalun is a successful and hugely passionate designer with many years of experience within the kitchen & interior design industry.