Gaggenau Appliances

At Gaggenau, they are guided by the experiences and demands of professionals, and this applies as much to the features of our appliances as it does to their appearance. Gaggenau appliances are crafted by hand in a process involving many stages and assembled piece by piece in the workshops.

Gaggenau’s philosophy demands loving attention to details, it shows in every angle of their appliances whether it is cooking or cooling, detail is there to be admired. 

Only the toughest, best quality materials are suitable for consistent use in a kitchen over a period of many years. It may not be visible but makes a recognisable difference to the use of the product.

Gaggenau is a great compliment to any SieMatic range. When you purchase a cooking, cleaning and cooling appliance you automatically qualify for a visit from Gaggenau’s Home Economist for your personal in-home demonstration. Ask in store to find out more!