Traditional kitchen design sets many well known rules – rules to break. These are ideals to which SieMatic, together with the renowned American design Mick de Giulio, used to develop the unique concept of “BeauxArts.”  

Modern or traditional kitchen design: why not both?

The CLASSIC style collection expands the scope of design to include many new, unconventional ideas of the highest individuality. Distinctive features like matt metal fronts with bevelled frames contrast with the delicate appearance of furniture elements and volume-rich stone countertops. Classic was never so modern.

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  • Symmetry or Asymmetry
  • Exclusive materials
  • Extravagant Design

Contemporary classic the new traditional kitchen

Designed in collaboration with Chicago designer Mick De Giulio, the CLASSIC collection is derived from architecture of the late nineteenth century. The ornamental style taken from the Greeks and Romans give the CLASSIC range its richly decorated features such as the doors, cornices and pilasters.

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