Flos Ray F1 Chrome Plated Floor Standing Light

Flos Ray F1 Chrome Plated Floor Standing Light

Floor lamp providing diffused lighting. Steel tube (10 mm diam.) structure, welded, brushed and chrome-plated. Diffuser support disk in die-cast, polished and chrome-plated Zamak alloy. Injection-molded PA6 (nylon) lamp-cover. Injection-molded PC (polycarbonate) inner diffuser. Color: 3% opal. Injection-moulded elastic PVC (polyvinylchloride) feet. Lathe-shaped aluminium diffusers, painted white on the inside, and shiny white or black on the outside or grey-coloured, blown and overlaid glass with the glossy external finish. On the cable, there is the electronic dimmer which allows the regulation of light brightness.


1280 mm High


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